Microchip Technology For Board Sports


Get Dialed in with SBT  - The Surfers, Shaper Soul System, Surfing is a personal recreational activity and lifestyle, it demands equipment made exclusively for surfers by a shaper who truly lives, embraces and understands what surfboard building is all about. Never has there been such an important time where shapers and surfers need to connect.

Getting Dialed: SBT is a place where shapers record every surfboard they produce using our microchip system, purposely designed for those who really want to shout out real surfboards are best.

A surfboard with SBT is Activated by its owner automatically registering the board, creating a sustainable shaper and surfer relationship at the very same time. Your shaper will know about you immediately, your name, what board has been activated and email address. If you ever need a replacment board the record is there for you and your shapers reference.

Surfers can manage their quiver, view nose to tail information, in-putted by the shaper at source.

SBT delivers a real personal touch. Bringing the surfer and shaper closer together by association of the surfboard.

Surfboards are theft protected too and can be easily repatriated if found.

Surfboards can be looked up online, or checked using a smart-phone, just by scanning it and entering the board serial number.

How it works for Surfers and Shapers: Your board builder has access to the SBT online system where he manages his day to day operation. SBT helps with control and routing of blanks, keeping up with boards whizzing around the factory until they're complete.

Surfboards with SBT can be viewed and checked online by anyone on the system, this is easily done by entering the surfboard serial number on the blank, the system confirms what microchip is inside the board, the board serial number and the "nose to tail information". Every board shaped using the SBT system can be referenced any time as totally unique.

TRY IT! - Test it for yourself, click the link below and then enter DM123456 : 


When a surfboard is sold to a surfer, he/she is invited to Activate their surfboard by setting up an account and entering the board serial number into our system.

The surfer can view his surfboard details, and make contact with his shaper directly from their on.

The shaper can view the surfers name, email address and the board the surfer has activated for reference.

Join The Shapers Index:  Shapers who join SBT are immediately channelled into the Shapers Index, where their profile can be searched, by potential customers.


SBT Recap: Quote Shaper, Wayne Rich, Santa Barbara, USA?

"Real people in surfing want to have the real thing, step into the shaping room feel the love, the soul, the care, that we have taken our whole life to learn to do, go out and ride them, see what works, and that's how it all started in the first place" ...Wayne Rich...

SBT keeping the surfboard Real...




SBT brings together the vibe of the Brotherhood!

Wayne Rich, Wayne Rich Custom Surfboards, Santa Barbara